Saturday, October 05, 2013

Dear Barry, Yet Again

 Barry, I know I haven't written you lately although I'm pretty sure the NSA keeps you updated on what we in flyover country are up too, but there are a couple of things that seem to have slipped your mind. I know you are busy, what with golf and multimillion dollar vacations so let me remind you of a few things.

 You still claim to be a constitutional scholar so first let me remind you that all spending bills must originate in the House. I'm pretty sure this means that if the House decides not to fund something, that's it. No matter what law has been passed in the past, if the House votes not to fund, that law is dead.

 In the proudest moment since the Democrat Party formed the Klu Klux Klan in the aftermath of the War Between The States The Democrat House voted to deny funding to the US Government to supply ammunition and naval and air power to the Republic of Viet Nam. (And who in spell check world decided that the old two word name would become one word ?) Remember that, Barry? That wasn't just "the law of the land". that was a ratified treaty. And yet, your team shut that down. So, shut up and do your job.

 Further, Barry, those open air monuments are not yours. They are ours. You don't get to run us off our own property. And now you're trying to close the ocean down in Florida. What's next, hold your breatth until you turn blue? Barry, stop acting like a two year old, it's not becoming.

 Last Barry, stop lying so much. That must have been a powerful strong lightening rod over there when you claimed to have bent over backwards to work with Republicans. Barry, I hate to tell you this but you'll go to Hell for lying just the same as if you were stealing chickens.

 Barry, you are not a kid anymore. You don't really have to be a douchecanoe your whole life.

 Oh, and Barry, think what will happen to your pension if you keep jerking us around.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Steps Foward, A Step And A Half Back

 I made it back to the VA yesterday , seems as if I'm still alive. Then I drove up to my daughter and her family for a visit. They are nice enough to have put me on their family plan so now I have a new phone and number. Friends and relatives should e-mail me for the number. Not that it will do much good, seems I spend abouut half my time wandering through the house looking for where I left it.

 The VA is sending me all my private doctor records so that I can use them to file for my service connected disability.  I'm not sure what my percentage will be, it depends on how the various problems will build up. Each of my ailments will be a certain percentage. We'll see.

 I was working on the paperwork for my cut of Linda Lou's postal pension when I reached an impasse. Seems I can't find the checkbook or the box with the bazillion new checks so I can't finish that until morning. Well more likely afternoon since I do not seem to do mornings very well. Linda Lou could always find stuff. Each day I remember ways in which I needed her. Of course I always paid for her finding things with many rude comments.

Friday, September 06, 2013

So, Which Side Do We Bomb?

 So Obama and some of the left want to bomb Syria. On one side in Syria are the Ba'athist  bunch of Assad, only a step or two removed from the old National Socialists of Germany. On the other side are the people allied with the alQ bunch. In the middle are the ordinary people trying to live their lives and raise their families.

 So Obama wants to send some of those very expensive cruise missiles over there but has promised to not send enough to really change anything. On May the seventh, 1965 another Democrat decided to send me, and a whole bunch of other people somewhere far away but promising to not really hurt Uncle Ho. Remember how that worked out?

 Pinpricks may work in acupuncture but they do nothing in warfare. Especially when one does not know whom one is to shoot. Assuming we could decide which side to shoot, there is no upside for America. Nor an upside for the ordinary humans of the area. If we should destroy the alQ types fighting Assad that strengthens Iran which helps America, how? If we should destroy Assad that puts the alQ types in charge of yet another area of the world. That helps America, how?

 If we simply degrade Assad's government but not enough to let the alQ types win, that simply lengthens the fighting. That helps, um, that helps, well I just don't know. Maybe someone in one of those seven States of the USA that only Obama knows about.

 The last thing I know about this mess is that if we weaken Assad the Islamist opposition will have more strength to spend on murdering the local Christians, which seems to be their favorite sport.

 Excuse me for not getting really excited. about intervening.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Got My Internet At Home Back

 When I called yesterday to make a (partial) payment on my bill I cried about not having my at home Internet working. They sent a tech and and it's going now.

 In other news I am almost finished filling out the paperwork to get my little sliver of Linda Lou's pension, not a whole lot but it will help. And it's a week and five days before I get up to the kids and pick up my new phone, when I have it and figure out the number I'll pass it on to folks who know me. If I forget anyone, e-mail me.

 At about the end of last month I had my 28th AA "birthday" and then Saturday evening I went to my group's Birthday meeting. It starts earlier than most of the meetings here, with a covered dish supper. I decided to make a big pot of thick chicken noodle soup so I did. Then I loaded a box of crackers, my pepper mill and my shaker full of sea salt in the van, went back in, got the big pot o' soup, set in down on a chair on the deck, closed and locked the door, got in the van and drove to the meeting. When I got home the soup was still sitting on that chair. Foo. Oh well, I froze some, ate some and there are still a couple of bowls left.

 Today is my sister, Carolyn's birthday, Happy Birthday, Sis! She is the reason Mom didn't feel like a total failure as a parent. Me? Mom used to make a few buck renting me out for a bad example.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bumped The Sat Dish for the Intertoobz With The Mower. Pills In The Mailbox.

I got my mountain of pills in the mail from the VA. The good news is that the poor, long-suffering taxpayer is giving them to me. The bad news is that they've switched a few of the pills and I'm having to re-acclimate to the new ones. So I'm kind of sleepy and unmotivated.

 In other news, either we bumped the sat receiver with the lawn tractor or the ground has shifted, still have to go next door with the laptop to get the Internet. Not so bad, I'm getting some extra reading in. Other than that, nothing much going on.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunspots Or Something.

 For some reason I cannot connect with the Internet at home, believe it's some kind of solar flares or sunspots or something.  carried the laptop over here to Patsy's, along with a crockpot full of chili and beans. She's providing the corn tortillas. Not the best I've ever made but not the worst, either.

 I went to the VA Hospital for my vesting physical, my health care will be provided by the US Government. So I win that one. Hopefully I won't be going to that VA Hospital where they use unsterile colonoscopy things.

 Next month I start fighting about a disability pension.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Mind Like A Chicken!

 I had my appointment with the VA for mty vesting physical, the one where I beg and plead for them to take over my medical care as my monthly pills run half of my income.

 Now I had the paper from the VA, I had a postcard from the VA, both telling me the time, place and date. So I took a long nap, got up and stayed awake the rest of the night so I wouldn't oversleep/

 So, I got there a full half hour before the time, only to discover I was there on the wrong day, I should have been there the day before. Now I have been reading for over sixty years, someone please tell me why I cannot read and understand the dates on, not one but two, printed documents.

 They were kind enough to do my lab work, anyway and one of the ladies told me to go up to the clinic I had been supposed to go and talk to them. The receptionist there told me that I had been rescheduled for about two weeks away. I explained that I was out of around half of my pills and had almost no money.I then proceeded to do some world-class begging, pleading and groveling. She put me in a (rare) weekend slot for tomorrow morning. So I'm going to lie down for a long nap and then stay up until it's time to go to Dallas, again.

 Wish me luck.